Health Precautions to Consider in South America

Don’t forget to get your vaccinations before going on your lifelong dream trip to South America! You can consult your doctor or medical provider but it is important to remember that you may need several vaccinations before travelling abroad.

Measles and DPT shots are mandatory and perhaps a booster shot if you have not had one in qite some time. The World Health Organization is also extremely informative and up to date on the latest information and advice about what you need prior to coming abroad. Some immunizations and injections may not be available on call so please make sure to get them well in advance and do not leave it last minute.

You may also need some prescription medication and to bring along and medications that you consistently take as you will not be able to get all meds abroad if you run out of your daily prescribed dosage.

Here is a helpful and informative video on vaccinations you may need prior to coming abroad.


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